An epic night of Zombie hunting action. Arm yourself with a Nerf gun and get into the action.

What would happen if the Zombie Apocalypse began in Adelaide. More specifically, it began in the middle of Gluttony during the Fringe? Get along to Zombie Zone to be  part of the action!

For one night only, Gluttony will be hosting a late night event that will pit Zombies against humans to see who will survive. With the humans split into two warring factions the fate of the human race is dire! Humans are armed with Nerf guns to hold back the undead hordes as the action spreads through the Gluttony grounds.

This is a world debut event and tickets are strictly limited.

NA - Debut season


NA - Debut season

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Matty Grey leads the event as the Master of Splatter handing out missions to all teams. Points will be tallied for kills over the course of the event and eventually a winning team will be crowned.

To find out more about how the Zombie Zone event will work you can visit the dedicated site for the event here.

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This show is tour ready and available for purchase at short notice. It is suitable for festivals, corporate events, commercial spaces and various other events. Appropriate performance space is critical with this event. While it can be tailored to suit a variety of locations a large area is a neccessity.
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There are currently no future dates scheduled