This show challenges comedians to a series of quick thinking challenges with hilarious results...

Kat Grey hosts this extraordinary comedy compilation show that is unlike any others. Taking its cue from rap/hip-hop culture, The StandUp SmackDown is a battle of quick wits where guest performers try to out-funny each other in games such as Yo Mumma Battles, Celebrity Head Roast, Heckler Slapback and Busta Rhyme.

As host Kat Grey brings the show out to the audience, keeping the mood playful and loose. Her quick wit is on display as she prowls the performance space. Rounding out the cast for The StandUp SmackDown is DJ Death. Acting as the ultimate official heckler, Death uses a vocabulary of Hip Hop soundbites and audio effects to mock or praise the guests performers contributions.

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​This show aims to be anarchic, bringing a sense of street to the stage. It attempts to break a lot of the rules of typical stand-up comedy ideas. It follows in the footsteps of other "improv comedy" formats such as Set List or Comedians Against Humanity but places it within a stylistic frame work. The games are specifically structured to allow comedians to stretch their comedic muscles and play with ideas on stage while at the same time providing support for them.

In programming guests for performances of The StandUp SmackDown we particularly look for experienced performers from a variety of backgrounds and a diverse range of performance styles.

Previous seasons...

Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019

This show is tour ready and available for purchase at short notice. It is suitable for festivals, commercial spaces and various other events. Technical requirements are minimal and the show can be adapted to suit most performance spaces and can be particularly suited to non-conventional performace spaces.
Future dates...

Adelaide Fringe Festival 
28th Feb to 14th March 2020