Music! Dancing! Games! Prizes!
Enough said really...

Introducing DJ Kit E. Kat! She’s a loud and crazy lady who will keep the kids going nuts with disco music, madness and mayhem! For ages 5-10 years. It's good music … the stuff kids want to hear. No old fogey music to be even allowed in the place! Kids have the chance to celebrate by getting down for some serious partying! Games, prizes and a highly interactive comedic host will have the kids in stitches from whoooooaaaa to gooooo!

​If you are extra lucky you might even get to meet Ben, the limbo snake or have a snow fight!

"DJ Kit.E Kat certainly knows how to get the party started!" - Primary Times Edinburgh

  1. Disco in tent
  2. Dancing
  3. Kideoke
  4. Poster
  5. Disco lights
  6. DJKitEKat
Previous seasons...

Sydney Comedy Festival 2013
Sydney Fringe Festival 2013
Sydney Comedy Festival 2014
Canterbury Leagues Club 2014
Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015
Canterbury Leagues Club 2015
​Randwick City Council 2015
Canterbury Leagues Club 2016

Every disco show includes disco lights and a bubble machine. It's just not a real disco without bubbles.

DJ Kit E. Kat then takes the kids the kids through some classic party games that have been given her own unique twist. Musical Statues, Simon Says and Pass-the-Parcel are just some of the games that are re-invented on the dance floor.

Future dates...

No future dates for this show are currently scheduled.

This show is tour ready and available for purchase at short notice. It is suitable for festivals, corporate events, commercial spaces and various other events. Technical requirements are minimal and the show can be adapted to suit most performance spaces.