Matty Grey's Grossed Out Game Show is the ultimate interactive live game show for kids!

Kids are going berserk over Matty Grey's Grossed Out Game Show! 

It is a live and interactive game show where two celebrity team captains will lead their half of the audience in a battle of physical challenges and trivial absurdities in order to win!

THE GOAL – Win the challenges to earn litres of Slime!
THE RESULT – Two dripping celebrities and a laughing audience!
The team that wins more, SLIMES more!

Hosted by the multi-coloured master of munchkin mayhem, Matty Grey orchestrates this whirlwind of insanity and leads us all on a merry dance towards a green finale that has to be seen to be believed.

"The only thing that's predictable is that you are going to have fun" - InDaily

"4 stars... Perfect, high-energy entertainment for kids" - Crikey

"4 stars... will have you sticking your hand up to get stuck in" - Broadway Baby

"A show filled with laughs, chaos, high energy and audience participation... You are gauranteed laughs and loads of fun." - Alphabet Street

"Weird, cool and awesome" - Kid Size Living


Best Kids Show - Sydney Fringe 2013
  1. Chubby Bunny
  2. Toilet paper
  3. Slime
  4. Poster
  5. Silly String
  6. Slime
Every performance of Matty Grey's Grossed Out Game Show is a different mix of games and captains, meaning audiences can (and do!) return over and over again for a different experience. Matty provides a brief introduction at the top of the show and welcomes the team Captain and divides the audience into teams. Throughout the show a scoreboard is kept to show how many litres of slime each team has won.

The grand finale is each Captain being slimed to raucous laughter from the audience, and Matty Grey leading a sing-a-long of “We Are The Champions”.

Each Captain is available for slimey photos with audience just after the show.

Some of our favourite Grossed Out games include...

Tick Tock Dance O’Clock, Mummy Bird, Mars Attacks, Catch a Homer, A Day at the Races and the ever popular Snot Catcher!
Previous seasons...

Sydney Fringe Festival 2013
Adelaide Fringe Festival 2014
Canberra Comedy Festival 2014
Melbourne Int. Comedy Festival 2014
Melbourne Int. Comedy Festival 2015
Adelaide Festival Centre 2015
Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015
Eid Festival SA 2016
​Randwick City Council 2016
NSW Regional Tour 2016
Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017
Mt Isa Fringe 2017
Kidtopia 2017
​Fairgrounds Festival Berry 2017
Adelaide Fringe Festival 2018
Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019
​Play World Australia 2019
Future dates...

Adelaide Fringe Festival
​7th to 15th March 2020
​​This show is tour ready and available for purchase at short notice. It is suitable for festivals, corporate events, commercial spaces and various other events. Technical requirements are minimal and the show can be adapted to suit most performance spaces.