Choose your weapon and get ready to defend yourself in this real-world Battle Royal

We provide the Nerf guns. We provide the Nerf arena. You choose your weapon & get ready to run. Thirty players take to the field. Warm up games give you an opportunity to size-up the opposition and earn bonus weapons for the final round.

The last game is the Battle Royal itself. Once the game begins there are no teams, no alliances, no squads. Ever player stands on their own against the rest. The umpires word is final and the last player standing takes home the medal.

All "guns" will be provided as unmodified Nerf Guns. We will also provide safety eye wear & competitor vests. We recommend wearing comfortable close-toed shoes. This is an outdoor event and may be subject to weather.

This is an ALL age event 8 - Adult - Childrens younger than 8 cannot be admitted.


"4.5 stars... Fort Nite Battle Royal Live was affordable, suitable for all ages and was executed wonderfully." - All Over Adelaide

"10/10... One of the sweatiest, most fun, best value activities at the fringe for any age." - EVENTalaide

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Previous seasons...

​Gluttony @ Adelaide Fringe
Feb 15th to March 16th

For the final Battle royal some rules apply and we reserve the right to add more rules if the event requires them.
Rule 1 - All players must wear protective eyewear. 
Rule 2 - All players must wear the nerf vest provided (unless size is an issue)
Rule 3 - No teams, squads, partners or groupings of any kind. This is a last player standing battle.
Rule 4 - Ref's rule is final. No arguements.
Rule 5 - No moving the on field obsticles, jumping on inflatables or damaging our equipment.
Rule 6 - No firing over the fences.
Rule 7 - No tea bagging.
Rule 8 - Please feel free to dance over the body of a fallen enemy.
Rule 9 - While this is an all ages event no deliberate physical contact between players this includes pistiol whipping.
Rule 10 - Have fun

Future dates...

Adelaide Fringe Festival 
​14th Feb to 14th March 2020

This show is tour ready and available for purchase at short notice. It is suitable for festivals, corporate events, commercial spaces and various other events. There are minimum size requirements and the space provided must to fully enclosed by fence lines or walls.