A stage show written specifically for infants aged 6mths to 3yrs.

Kat became a mother in 2017. In 2018 she looked to take her baby son to some Fringe festival shows and became frustrated because there wasn't really any shows made for his young age. There were interactive events where the parents were reuired to participate and there were shows that he would be welcome at that might catch his interest, but nothing really designed to engage the sense of babies and toddlers in a way that existed purely for their emerging understanding of their world. Kat then resolved to create the show she had been looking for.

Now, in 2020 the show has become a reality. The performance takes place over 30min and incorporates puppetry, clowning, lighting, bubbling and a lot more. Simple concepts are acted out in visually dynamic ways to stimulate toddlers with their joy of patterns and infants with their need for contrasts and sensory tracking.

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  1. Shadow Puppet
  2. Bubbles
  3. Kids
  4. Poster
  5. Caterpillar
  6. Staging Show
In January of 2020 two test performances were performed. It was incredibly exciting to watch the children engaging with the show. A welcoming performance space was created to ensure all the audience felt comfortable. The layers of the imagery engaged the children in different ways while music and lighting lifted the experience.

Previous seasons...

Preview performances at Holden Street Theatre - 2020
Future dates... ​​

Adelaide Fringe Festival
Feb 15th to March 15th 2020
​​This show is tour ready and available for purchase at short notice. It is suitable for festivals, corporate events, commercial spaces and various other events. Technical requirements are minimal and the show can be adapted to suit most performance spaces.