Why would kids want to grow up? Being a big kid
is so much more fun!

*Warning: Zero Eduational Content*

Matty never grew up. He never learned to share his toys. He never learned to act like an adult. Why would you want to anyway?

This is Matty's first solo comedy show. It's an hour of barely controlled chaos that kids love!

​Running through the show is a simple theme... It's fun to be a kid! The show reminds parents what it is like to be a kid. To the children, Matty Hatter begs them not to grow up too fast. All of this is brought to a chaotic crescendo with a massive pillow fight the likes of which you've never seen!

"When your kids yell that something was “awesome”, you know you have a winner." - Herald Sun

"Judging from the laughs coming from the children is was comedy gold" - Rhum Magazine

"A vibrant slice of vaguely orchestrated, interactive anarchy" - Sydney Morning Herald

"Hilarious interactive show will wow parents and delight children" - The Torch
  1. Party Food
  2. Poster
  3. Pillow fight

This show is currently not available for tour. Sections of material from this show are now part of Matty's set when booked for an appearance. If you are particularly interested in portions of this show, or a show with the underlying theme, please call to discuss possibilities.
Previous seasons...

Jannali Inn 2011
Melbourne Int. Comedy Festival 2012
​Sydney Comedy Festival 2012

Future dates...

No future dates for this show are currently scheduled.